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Project Description

Generate SID, STAR and transition data for virtual ATC clients such as VRC, as well as Google Earth.

Tiny C# WPF project in order to create SID, STAR and Transition file data for virtual ATC software such as EuroScope. The required data files are not part of the software and need to be licensed accordingly (see legal info). You are also able to create Google Earth files in KML format. Runtime is .net 4.5 or later.



Screenshots courtesy of EuroScope, Google Earth,


  • 0.7 series, initial version.
  • 0.8 series, revised, will add support for Google Earth format
  • 0.8.20 series will support holdings, tracks, and revised parser (“fly track …”) 


    There might be an issue running the ClickOnce application under Win7 x64. Please let me know if you face this issue. It is framework related

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